Junipers are now full steam ahead with new growth. Therefore to maintain shape, it is important to pinch back the growth with your fingers, ensuring compactness. If left unattended, they tend to become leggy, straggly and very unsightly. This can make it extremely difficult to recover the former shape and style, as junipers generally do not spring from the old wood. If you haven't already cleaned your juniper of dead needles, bark and scale etc. now is a good time to do so. This old litter encourages all types of insects and fungi, using a toothbrush, give the branches and trunk a good "going over" to remove any flaky excess. Do not water your tree a day or so in advance to doing this work, as it is much easier to work on when it is all dry. 

November has been the traditional month for re-potting and defoliating figs. If your tree is in top condition, both operations can be carried out at the same time. If the fig tree is not so healthy however, do each task at separate times, usually re-pot first then defoliate second.

When re-potting, keep in mind the future trunk and visible root system. Select a few suitable roots that are horizontal and then eliminate the rest of the small roots growing from the base of the trunk. Also eliminate the top and side shoots of the saved roots to a distance of 50-75mm from the trunk. 

When defoliating, it is good practice to defoliate the entire tree at once. In this manner, you will get smaller and more uniform leaves over the whole tree. Cut the leaf stem with sharp scissors half way up the stem. After defoliating, keep your tree in full sun and keep the moisture up.

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