Tree Care in April

At this time of the year our trees are getting prepared for the winter dormancy period or just having a little rest. Our task is to give them a helping hand. In return they will do their best to display autumn colours and later on, in some cases, beautiful spring flowers or berries. 

Later in the season, our trees are going to withdraw most of the nutrients and trace elements from thier leaves to store in the trunks and roots for the winter.

One element that the tree is not able to withdraw is iron and it is iron that gives us the beautiful autumn colour.

Trees displaying Autumn colours:

Chinese Elm, Zelkova, Maples, Liquid Amber, Manchurian Pear.

If you supplement this group of trees with Iron Sulphate or Iron Chelate during the growing season, it will help to enhance these wonderful colours. These supple,emts are available in retail garden nurseries and are very affordable.

Spring flowering and Fruit, or Berry Bearing Trees:

Crab Apple, Firethorn, Quince, Fruit and Berry trees.

Autumn is the time for this group of trees to set their flower buds for the next spring which will result in a beautiful display of flowers or berries as the season progresses. 

If we supply our tree with fertiliser which is higher in phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) and lower in Nitrogen we will be supplying the tree and particularly the root system with the nourishment to help get through the winter and supply the bud for next Spring. 

This will encourage the trees to set up the buds at this time of the year so that they will be properly prepared for the onset of Spring. Of course there is a chill factor that will be part of the equation but generally this is beyond our control. 

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