Finally there is a break from the hot weather, and now we have cool nights and warm days. We are also still getting more than 12 hours of daylight. This gives us the opportunity to repot some of our trees and by doing so, take some of the pressure off the very busy and short springtime. We can re-pot, trim, feed, wire, de-wire, and weed just to name a few of the annual chores.

Trees that can be worked on: 

Junipers, non-tropical Evergreens (i.e. Olives or Pyracanthas etc.) 

Trees not to work on:

Deciduous trees (i.e. Elms, Zelkovas, Fruit trees, Tropical trees etc.)


When repotting Junipers (Or any conifers), do not bare-root the plant. Leave the root ball intact and trim the outer line of the root ball with SHARP scissors or secateurs. Do not ruin your expensive tools when cheap ones will do the job just as well. 

As a rule of thumb, younger trees take root pruning better than older ones, and if you want to reduce the size of the pot for older trees, do it in two stages, with the second re-pot in Spring.

It is of great benefit and insurance for success to soak your potted tree in a bath solution of Seasol for one whole day only before repotting. On the evening of that day, remove the potted tree from the solution and allow it to drain until the following morning and then repot. After repotting, work your soil into the existing root ball with a chopstick or a wooden meat skewer.

Water your newly repotted tree immediately and thoroughly with a gentle spray of running water until you get clear water running out of the bottom. Let the tree dry out, until the following morning and then place the potted tree back into the solution of seasol.

From this point onward, keep your bonsai out of harsh wind and sunlight. If your tree is not stable in the new pot, it is a good idea to temporarily secure it in the pot with wire, string etc.

This is also a good opportunity to clean your pot with CLR Clear, which is readily available from hardware stores. After cleaning your pot rinse it thoroughlywith fresh water.

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