This is still a prime time to repot. Trees such as Conifers, Junipers, Pines, and Cypress etc. will respond favorably to repotting now.


With rainfall much more uncertain at this time, you must ensure that you water your plant daily. Yourtree is starting a period of vigourous growth and during this time will require plenty of water. To let your tree dry out during this time of great need is fatal and will almost surely result in a huge setback for your growth program for that tree.


Wiring that has been applied during the dormant period must now be checked on a regular basis. To avoid problems this should be done weekly. Thisis to ensure that there is time to remove the wire before usightly scarring occurs.


After a few weeks of growth, you will need to fertilize well. The nutrients in the trunk and roots will be exhausted since the tree will require more nourishment to sustain extended growth. (Keep in mind that you must wait until the first pair of new leaves in a branch have changed colour to dark green before fertilizing deciduous trees.


Pests are now very active and at this time your trees can sustain a lot of damage to the new shoots in a very short space of time. Apply the appropriate pest remedy at the reccomended dosage at the reccomended time. This will ensure total control and enable your trees to provide maxiumum growth. 

Avid strong systemic pesticides as the root systems in Bonsai are very restrictive. You can do a lot of damage to your plant. Whenver possible go for something gentler like Confidor, Neem Oil, or Maguard in a premix container.

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